Famagusta Province / floods: The Fire Department responded to 122 calls

They measure their wounds in the province of Famagusta after the bad weather has passed

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Severe weather conditions continue to prevail in Cyprus, as a result of torrential rains that fall flooding roads, estates, houses, hotels both in the free province of Famagusta and in the province of Larnaca.

The Fire Service and Police are on foot to respond to calls for help.

In 122 incidents due to torrential rains, members of the Fire Service were called to intervene in free province of Famagusta.

The incidents involve pumping water from basements of hotels, opening storm drains, saving lives, towing vehicles and pumping water from basements of houses.

At Larnaca Firefighting operations are underway in the Dromolaxia-Meneos area. The calls involve pumping water from houses, towing vehicles and saving lives.

There is an accumulation of water on the road surface under the level crossing despite the Panorio center in Dromolaxia, as a result of which the road has become dangerous.

Latest update on the road network situation due to weather conditions.

Province of Larnaca

All the roads that were closed have been opened, while the road from Meneu to the beach front remains closed, while there are crews to open it.

Morphou Region:

The roads Pedoulas - Prodromos, Prodromos - Lemythos, Pedoulas - Moutoullas, Pedoulas - PINEWOOD - Kakopetria, Kakopetria - Karvouna, Astromeriti - Troodos are open but slippery.

Troodos area

The roads leading to Troodos are open to all vehicles.

The Police call on drivers who will be using the road network to be especially careful due to the amount of water on the roads making them slippery and dangerous. Drivers are urged to drive at low speeds, keep a safe distance from vehicles in front and keep their headlights on.

Source: KYPE