Famagusta Province: Awarded to the 17-year-old who saved a 2-year-old child (PICTURES)

They awarded the 17-year-old who saved the 2-year-old boy who was in danger of drowning in a residential swimming pool in the province of Famagusta

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An honorary commemorative plaque was awarded yesterday on 22/5/23 to the 17-year-old student, Anestis Karakolidis, by the president of the Famagusta Lifesaving Club "Evagoras", Mr. Adamos Kazakas and his instructor, Mr. Kyriakos Papantoniou, for the courage and daring he showed when he helped in rescue of the 2-year-old child in a residential swimming pool.

The incident occurred around 5 pm on Saturday, May 13, when the boy was pulled by his parents, unconscious, from the swimming pool of their residence in Paralimni.

Before the arrival of an ambulance, the 17-year-old student, Anestis Karakolidis from Paralimni, who was on the scene, gave first aid to the boy, who managed to regain consciousness.

It should be noted that the young man recently successfully passed the exams for obtaining the Brass Cross (2" Lifesaving & first aid medal).

See photos:

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