BRAKER: Dairy produced the first PDO halloumi (VIDEO + IMAGES)

Produced in the industry "SOMIS Dairy Industry" in Frenaros, halloumi with the indication of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) with the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis, to monitor the whole process.

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For the first time today in Cyprus, was produced in the industry "SOMIS Dairy Industry" in Frenaros, halloumi with a designation of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) with the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis, to monitor the whole process.

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In his statements, the Minister stated that "Today is a day of great satisfaction, because we see the efforts we made recently to secure our national product, so that the genuine, traditional halloumi is produced in Cyprus, to take on flesh and blood. We have a very successful synergy, one of the most historic dairies in the country, the cheese factory "SOMIS Dairy Industry, with the company that supplies essentially halloumi Scandinavia".Added that "Sweden is the second country in terms of per capita consumption of halloumi in the world, after Cyprus and everyone understands the importance of this cooperation. It is these synergies that will highlight our product worldwide, will give it the added value we all seek and will also highlight the quality of the product. "The Minister congratulated for this cooperation, saying that he is sure that it will pave the way for the rest. "I want to persuade the other dairies to enter this beneficial process, in this way to really see the benefits of the halloumi to give what we all expected, ie profit throughout the food chain" he said. Mr. Kadis characterized "Very nice experience" monitoring the production of halloumi PDO, saying that he had the opportunity to be guided in the facilities, with an explanation for each stage of production, from the moment the milk enters until the time of packing the halloumi.

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Answering a relevant question, the Minister he said how "There are still dairies that have not yet started the process of producing halloumi properly, obviously because some of them have stocks and want to exhaust them or for various reasons. I believe that we must enter this process and this path that opened today, to be followed by the others. "At the same time, he expressed satisfaction with the fact that in the next few days the Control Body will be at the cheese factory to certify the process that the halloumi produced in the unit really meet all the specifications. "It is something that we are also looking for because with this certification we will give added value to the product called halloumi" he said.

In another question, Costas Kadis replied how "The Ministry of Agriculture always functions as a supporting body in the effort for the production and promotion of halloumi. We will continue to do this to support the entire agri-food chain, from dairy farmers to cheesemakers with the final product. ".

Chrysostomos Elias, of the owners of the cheese factory "SOMIS Dairy Industry" expressed "joy and honor" for the visit of the Minister of Agriculture and noted that "Mr. Kadis was explained all the production process that takes place, ie from the receipt of the raw material to the final product." "We have always been in favor of securing the halloumi and we believe that the best is yet to come" he said.

On the other hand Loizos Papadopoulos, owner of the company "Fontana Food AB" said that his parents, who are from Morphou, "In 1980, they got 40 halloumi in Sweden, which were sold in one year. However, today Sweden is the country with the highest consumption of halloumi per person in the world after Cyprus " he said and expressed "Satisfaction for the production of the PDO product because we believe that it will increase the quality of the halloumi". To a relevant question, Mr. Papadopoulos answered that "our company will promote halloumi from Cyprus to the Scandinavian countries as well as to other countries where we promote them".

Panikos Hambas General Secretary of EKA he mentioned that "The production of halloumi as a PDO is now a fact and in this way the Cypriot halloumi is placed in the elite of Cypriot food". "What is happening today is very important and it will benefit all those involved," he added. "Any problems that exist should be resolved through dialogue, such as animal survival and feed problems. Even if there are halloumi stocks, they should be exported so that the chain runs smoothly. ". Besides, Tassos Giapanis, General Secretary of Panagrotiko greeted "On behalf of the Agricultural Movement, the production of PDO which is a historical event, which marks the even further upward course, but also the quality course of halloumi, in the elite of cheese products worldwide. We hope that we will have a solution to the minor problems presented by the file (of the halloumi) in the next sessions of the competent Committee ". He added that "What we are particularly concerned about is the big problem of halloumi stocks that needs to be solved, so that the cost increase in the purchase price of the raw material that is milk, whether it is called cow or goat, can proceed in a chain."At the same time he congratulated the industry "SOMIS Dairy Industry", the Association of Cow Breeders of Cyprus (ENAK), the cow breeders, who either individually or in groups contribute to this effort but also to the company "Fontana" located in Sweden and "Produces national work, promoting national products such as halloumi".

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