Pantelis Pigos: He announced his candidacy for Vice-Mayor of Frenarous

Pantelis Pigos announced his candidacy for the Vice-Mayorship of Frenarous

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Pantelis Pigos announced his candidacy for the Vice-Mayorship of Frenarous.

This is the announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,
With a sense of responsibility, with full respect and honesty for the institutions and the person, I submit my candidacy before you, for the position of Deputy Mayor of Frenarous in view of the Local Government Elections next June.
Utilizing my knowledge and qualifications, I aspire to worthily represent Frenaros in the newly established Municipality of Paralimni-Deryneia. A Municipality, of which the Frenarous District will be an integral part and contribute to its progress and well-being for all citizens, while maintaining our identity and claiming the development of Frenarous.
I promise to work selflessly, honestly and collectively, giving my best for the well-being of all our fellow citizens.
I claim your vote so that we can walk together in the new challenges that lie ahead of us. I am addressing each and every one of you individually so that together we can achieve the best result that we, our children, and our Frenaros deserve.
With appreciation and respect,
Pantelis Pigos
January 31 2024