Presentation to the Mayors of Famagusta on the Redefining of Cyprus Tourism by Perdio

Presentation on "Redefining Cyprus Tourism"

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Yesterday, Thursday, August 4, the presentation on "Redefining Cyprus Tourism" by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savva Perdio, to mayors, community leaders and businessmen of the free province of Famagusta was held with great success at the Hatziyorki Mills facilities in Frenaros.

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The Deputy Minister presented the new trends for alternative tourism created in the midst of the pandemic and informed the attendees about the new quality certificates for tourist destinations as well as the new plans to support remote areas.297982620 489430806520818 383208603530195220 ​​n exclusive

As the Deputy Minister mentioned, the hinterland has a lot to offer to the enrichment and development of the tourism product of our country and all participants in a spirit of cooperation should take advantage of the various programs of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.