Georgia Tsierkezou: Leads in the field of marketing and advertising in Famagusta

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Who is Georgia Tsierkezou, who with the company of "Windmill Design" and "Georgia Tsierkezou Merketing Services Ltd" is a pioneer in the field of marketing, advertising and public relations in the province of Famagusta with an important and remarkable clientele.

Georgia Tsierkezou

He was born and raised in Paralimni. He graduated with honors in the Department of Informatics at the Athens Technical University and holds an MBA in Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. He has attended seminars in the field of education, Accounting, Computers and in the field of Digital Control of Public Relations and Social Media.

With vast experience in the field of Media, Georgia has served as Public Relations Manager at a large group of restaurants and amusement parks operating in Ayia Napa, where she was responsible for organizing and overseeing the operation of a major Christmas Amusement Park Festival. for the data of Cyprus. He had the absolute responsibility for the communication part of the events of this festival with invited renowned artists from Greece.

At the same time, and after the remarkable success of the Festival in Nicosia, he undertook the communication part of the operation of a similar theme festival with amusement parks in Limassol and Paphos. Under her supervision was also the well-known restaurant in Ayia Napa as well as a large Amusement Park.

In January 2020, Georgia Tsierkezou decides to take the lead in the Famagusta Free Zone and establishes the first company called Georgia Tsierkezou Marketing Services Ltd, where it continues to be a pioneer in the field of advertising and media management.

With collaborations in its assets, such as the group of companies "SPP Media" with Mr. Christis Lottidis as president (Kathimerini, 24sports, 24News, Must, MAD, Wiz Guide, Gastronomos, K-News, Athena Recipes, Love Radio, Read Library) as well as Also with experience and knowledge in the field of advertising, Georgia Tsierkezou has already undertaken the promotion and advertising of state and prominent representatives of the Province of Famagusta and local companies that excel in the region.

Complete marketing, advertising and public relations solutions for businesses

Georgia maintains its office in 6 Ermou Street in Paralimni, and on the phone 99310242 / 23100150, as well as electronically in the email: / providing integrated solutions for the promotion of businesses and marketing and public relations services focusing on the province of Famagusta.