Why MBA at InterNapa College?

Thinking about graduate school? Find out about the Master in Business Administration at InterNapa College!

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The first Master in Business Administration of the province of Famagusta is a fact. Get it now Master in Business Administration (a) with the possibility of state student sponsorship up to €3.400!

InterNapa College managed to bring the first certified postgraduate program in the province of Famagusta. The program was certified by DIPAE and started its operation from February 2021 and already the first graduates of the program are a fact. Registration has already started for the new semester starting in October 2023 and prospective students have possibility of state student sponsorship up to € 3.400.

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Objective of the MBA Program

 The purpose of the Master's Program in Business Administration (MBA) is to prepare and strengthen executives of businesses and organizations, through the acquisition of specialized knowledge and organizational and management skills, so that they can effectively respond to the new data of the modern internationalized market. Through the program, the students' leadership skills, communication skills and analytical skills are developed and strengthened, in relation to dealing with business challenges.

The MBA is characterized by an innovative learning model that prepares top business executives to meet the modern needs of strategic planning, business management, talent and human resource management, innovation and development. Students will be equipped with modern management skills and sufficient knowledge so that, by understanding the individual aspects and functions of the business, they will be able to contribute to its strategic development.

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The MBA program is constantly evolving and enriched with new scientific theories and practices, as well as trends in the field of business administration, in order to enhance the ability of students to apply methodologies and tools for data analysis and decision-making in any business environment.

The MBA adequately prepares our students to compete for positions in multiple sectors both locally and internationally. At the same time, the program is addressed to professionals who wish to advance in the field of Industry or to Civil Servants who wish to be promoted.

Areas of employment of graduates:

  • Corporate Management
  • Governmental and Semi-Governmental organizations
  • Human resources management
  • Consultants to companies
  • Newly established Companies
  • Trade and Industry

Why in InterΝwater College?

 All programs are assessed and certified by the higher education assurance and certification body (DIPAE), with right state student sponsorship up to €3.400!

  • flexible program for employees
  • low tuition fees
  • experienced and highly qualified teaching staff
  • direct employment of graduates and
  • fully renovated and modernized classrooms with the most modern amphitheater and classrooms in the province of Famagusta.

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Other Curricula

  • DEGREE (4 years)
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • DIPLOMA (2 years)
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Food Arts/Cooking
  • Academic Certificate (1 year)
    • Professional Bartending/ Barology


 InterNapa College

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Tel. 23829840

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