Sotira has her own fighter in the Greek revolution of 1821

The Municipality of Sotira starts procedures for data collection, construction of a monument and naming of a street

unnamed 4 25th March 1821, exclusive, Municipality of Sotira

One of the Cypriot Volunteers who went to Greece for the revolution of 1821 came from Sotira.

According to historical sources and testimonies, this is Theocharis Tripsimos from Sotira Famagusta who left Cyprus with the Greek ships after the battle of Ayia Napa in 1826.

According to the words of the Mayor Georgios Takkas and according to sources from the register of the Greek consulate of 1866, "he used to finance a military eunuch".

According to Mayor Sotiras, the fact of the participation of Theocharis Tripsimos by Sotiras in the Greek revolution is confirmed by the history professor Dr. George Georgis who states that Theocharis Tripsimos was poor, illiterate and a carpenter in the profession and took part in the Greek profession. According to him, he was tall and blond and had five children, while he lived with his wife Athena in Sotira and later emigrated to Alexandria.

According to Mr. Takkas, the Municipality of Sotiras, on the occasion of the celebrations of the completion of 200 years since the beginning of the Greek revolution but also feeling the duty to honor a heroic figure from Sotira who contributed to the Greek revolution, will begin the procedures for further research on the figure of the fighter Theocharis Tripsimos and then he will pay due respect to his memory by erecting a monument and naming a street in the Municipality of Sotiras.