Environmentalist Movement: Complaint for illegal construction of a dock in Protaras (PICTURES)

The President of the Movement sent a letter to the Prefect of Famagusta

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Another complaint about illegality on a beach reached the Environmentalists Movement - Citizens' Cooperation, this time for the construction of a platform / wharf at Gianna Mari beach in Protaras.

The President of the Movement, Mr. Giorgos Perdikis, in his letter to the Prefect of Famagusta raises a question in relation to the granting of a permit for the construction in question by the competent authority, which he heads.

"In the photo, it is clearly seen that it is a construction that starts from the shore and ends in the sea. As environmentalists we have received a complaint that the construction is arbitrary, it was done without the required permits and without any respect for nature and bathers.

If the complaints are confirmed, the authorities must restore the beach, immediately!
We still haven't realized in Cyprus that the lack of environmental awareness has multifaceted costs, both for those who damage the environment and for the wider society. But as environmentalists we continue the fight".

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