The Mayor of Xylofago: Requests the operation of a Fire Station on a 24-hour basis

"As a result of the intense weather phenomena, Xylofagou was literally reminiscent of Venice, since several streets were flooded"

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The long-standing request of the Xylofagos Community for a 24-hour operation of the Fire Station was restated by the Community Leader Georgios Tassos, after the torrential rains that hit the area last night. He also said that damage was caused to some houses, which are not big and officials of the District Administration are expected to record the damage.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr Tassou said that from 21.15 until 22.00 on Monday night, there were "torrential rains" in the Community, while at times light hail also fell, as a result of which the rainwater drains could not absorb the large amount of rain. "As a result of the intense weather phenomena, Xylofagou literally resembled Venice, since several streets were flooded while in some cases, the rain entered houses from one side and exited from the other," he added.

In particular, he continued, "the main roads of the Community were flooded, while houses were damaged and a large amount of rain entered them. Some elderly people who were in bed at the time panicked as soon as they realized that water had entered their house, as a result of which their relatives went to them to help them."

Also, he noted "there were 4-5 elderly couples who were trapped and had to move to other houses until the water was pumped out of their own residences and they could return."

Responding to a related question, the Mayor of Xylofagou said that "the Fire Service responded immediately, with 4 crews, to our request for assistance. However, it took more than 30 minutes for the crews to arrive from Deryneia in the Community." He added that "if the Fire Station had been staffed at night as well, help would have been immediate and houses might not have been flooded by the torrential rains."

When asked whether there are anti-flood projects in the Community, Mr. Tassou answered positively and noted that "there are two projects, one of which has been completed. However, rainwater absorption culverts have an alpha dynamic which is nullified when the rain that falls is too much and cannot be absorbed."

He also mentioned that he spoke last night with the Provincial Administration of Famagusta and "it is expected that crews will go today to record the damage to the houses where a quantity of rain entered". "The damage is not great, but we need and demand that compensation be given to the owners of these houses," he said.

Mr. Tassos referred to the Community's request for staffing, on a 24-hour basis, of the Fire Station that exists in the Community, noting that "unfortunately, for 30 silvers, the Station cannot be staffed to operate and serve the surrounding Communities, i.e. Xylotymbou, Ormidia , Liopetri and Avgorou. The Fire Station operates normally from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening and for three years we urgently request its staffing also in the evening hours, which we consider absolutely necessary".

Asked where the specific request is, he replied that "what we are told is that a large Fire Station will be built in Ayia Napa". "However, we believe that he will not directly serve our Community and the surrounding villages" he said and added that "the 24-hour staffing of the Xylofagos Fire Station is urgently needed".

In his statements, George Tassou also referred to another issue that worries several Communities and Municipalities, that is, the cementing of the yard in the residences, as a result of which it is not possible to absorb the water. "Unfortunately this is a phenomenon that is observed throughout Cyprus and people should not cement their yard but leave large areas with soil, which will absorb a fair amount of rain, thus giving time to the stormwater drains to absorb the extra amounts of water" he concluded.