"Have a good trip, Master Kyriako" - Liopetri in black

The funeral of Kyriakos Trisokkas on Monday - Mesistia the flags of the local authorities of free Famagusta

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The community of Liopetri was dressed in black after the sudden news of the death of the President of the Community Council, Kyriakos Trisokkas at the age of 70.

Kyriakos Trisokkas "left" only a few days after the death of George's father, whose funeral took place last Thursday.

According to information, the Commonwealth of Liopetri was hospitalized at the General Hospital of Nicosia after a severe illness he felt, while in recent years he was facing problems with his spine which made his movements difficult.

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The news of his death spread immense sadness in his community, as he was especially loved in Liopetri for which he fought until the last moment, and especially for the start of the project of regeneration of the river Liopetri.

The funeral on Monday

The funeral of Kyriakos Trisokkas will be held on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 14:30 in the sanctuary of Panagia Eleousa, while due to the measures of the coronavirus, the family will not receive condolences. In lieu of wreaths, contributions will be made to community charities.

The flags of the local authorities in free Famagusta are at half-mast

In a statement, the Union of Communities of Famagusta expresses its deepest sorrow for the untimely death of the distinguished collaborator and friend Kyriakos Trisokkas, President of the Community Council of Liopetri. The sudden news of the death, as reported, spread grief in Liopetri but also in the whole province of Famagusta for the loss of a loved one and a tireless worker of the local government. The Union of Communities of Famagusta informs that as a sign of mourning, in consultation with the Municipalities of free Famagusta, the flags of the local authorities will fly at half-mast for three days. At the same time, they express their condolences to his family and friends.