The Carrot Festival in Liopetri returns in July!

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Carrot the most famous vegetable in the world!

Liopetri after the postponement of the 2nd carrot festival in 2020 due to the pandemic returns dynamically on July 22, 2022 at 20.00 at the Community Stadium ACHYRONA Liopetri.

Guests will have the opportunity to try various recipes made with carrot as a base material by renowned chefs.

The organized groups and links will sell various carrot preparations such as, dessert and jam, carrot cakes (individual and family), donuts with cream and carrot jam, croissants with carrot jam, donuts, ice cream, juices, margaritas and daisies. At the same time, there will be kiosks with skewers, kleftiko, hot dogs with koshou salad, vinegar carrots, fried carrots with eggs and various drinks.

There will be a musical art program at the festival. Details will be announced later.

The festival is organized by the Cultural Committee of the Community Council of Liopetri.