LIOPETRI: They completed their Easter creations at the Day Care Center for the Elderly (PICTURES)

The creations were made by members of the Center and Volunteers

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Gradually entering the Holy Week, the Easter creations of the Day Care Center for the Elderly in Liopetri are completed. The creations were made by members of the Center and Volunteers with the guidance and help of the teacher, Andri Dimitriou.

In the context of our creative activities we learned to work as a team, to identify and develop our skills, to strengthen our weaknesses, we developed our imagination. At the same time, the main goals set for the creative employment team were achieved, which is the socialization of the participants, the strengthening of their mental function, the maintenance of communication in verbal and non-verbal ways, the increase of their personal motivations, the improvement of communication and finally positive emotions.

The participation of the elderly in creative activities is done not only for recreational, but also for therapeutic purposes, because these interventions have been shown to stimulate both physical and mental health. Creative employment initially gives a meaning to the life of the elderly and the meaning of human action is associated with creative processes.

Retirement activity is important for well-being and can help maintain a sense of purpose and meaning in everyday life. In addition, participation in activities, objects and physical and social activity highlights the creativity of individuals.

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