"God never leaves those who are orphaned unprotected"

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"When I was 4 years old, I lost my father. He had leukemia and passed away before I could speak, he did not hear me when I said my first words… "

A very good girl, simple and approachable, with morals and deep sensibilities. He is one of those people who give their whole soul to those he loves, even if they know they can get it back in a thousand pieces…

Maria is 22 years old and is from Liopetri. Her mother, Anna-Maria, spoke recently for all the problems and trials that passed. Maria, however, talks about the difficulties she is facing today and hopes that soon everything that makes her life even more difficult will change…

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Maria Kalli reports to ant1iwo:

"I was born with a very severe hearing loss, as was my younger sister. Fortunately my two older brothers are perfectly fine.

When I was 4 years old, I lost my father. He had leukemia and passed away before I could speak, he did not hear me when I said my first words…

I had difficult and poor childhood years. When my father died, my mom with 4 children - 2 of them with severe hearing loss - struggled with her fingernails and teeth to make ends meet. We went through very difficult times but God never leaves those who are orphaned unprotected. It always helps them find their way and gives strength to the widows.

I said my first words when I was 6 years old…

When I was 4 years old I put on headphones and did daily speech therapy. My mother was constantly running, she did everything for us. I went to the School for the Deaf and to the elementary school of Agios Georgios where there was a special unit. I went to high school and lyceum normally. I met teachers who were completely indifferent and did not treat us well. In fact, once, a teacher called me because she did not want to have me in her class. I remember my mom came to the school at some point and said to the principal, "This job requires love, not such behaviors." Of course, I was lucky enough to meet very good teachers who loved us as their own children and helped us a lot.
In elementary school the other children made fun of me but I learned to always talk to them with love and I always asked them the same question…

Every time they made fun of me, I would say to them, "Think about it, if you were in my place or the children you would make?" and then immediately their behavior changed. That's what I always did. I made good friends and I have very good memories from school.
I managed to realize my dream, to study. I passed the Pancyprian exams and went to the University of Cyprus. I was the happiest girl in the world, I achieved something I dreamed of since I was little. I am now in my last year.

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All these years though…

I am very tired because every time a problem arises, I have to run to the teachers to inform them. I wish there was an instructor who undertook to listen but also to help all the children with health problems who study at our University. I wish all teachers made the teaching adjustments needed for people with hearing problems. Fortunately, of course, there are teachers who are really interested in us and help us a lot with the notes.

I wish everything was easy for all of us who happened to be born with a disability. Do not have to try and stress so much to achieve something that for others sounds simple and easy. I wish everyone who knocked on their door and asked for a job saw us differently. "May one day many things change in this place and most of the time we do not have to lose our temper, get frustrated and close ourselves in our house so that others who cry do not see us…".

Source: ant1iwo.com