Fotis Pitta High School of Kokkinohoria: Memories of 1974 were revived in the Parliament by the students

The students of Fotis Pitta Lyceum Kokkinohoria were moved with songs, poems and chiastistas

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Memories of 1974 were revived in the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees by students of the Lyceum Kokkinohoria Fotis Pitta.

In the presence of the Minister of Education, Athena Michaelidou, the students presented a theatrical act, following a research they did, collecting testimonies from victims of 1974.

The Experiential Student Workshop on the theme "Give us back our soul" Cyprus 1974 – 2024, also included songs, poems, chitchats and visual arts.

The Minister of Education, the President of the Committee, AKEL MP Nikos Kettiros and the members of the Committee, praised the efforts of the teachers and students and congratulated them on the result.

The monthly honorarium for war casualties was also discussed at the Committee and it was reported that 84 prisoners of war are now receiving carer's allowance. The problems presented in the payment of the annual and monthly honorarium for war victims were also raised.

Source: KYPE