The damage to the potato crops in Kokkinochoria from the frost is great

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Serious damage to potato crops was left behind by the frost that hit the province of Famagusta last night.

According to the Famagusta District Secretary of EKA, Giannakis Gabriel, the damages are incalculable, especially in the coastal area of ​​Liopetri, Sotira and Xylofagou.
He said that the request to the Minister of Agriculture is not to charge the water to those farmers who have spent many cubic meters of water to save their plantations.

Mr. Gabriel said that if an area is considered affected, the request is to include in it the producers who watered, "in return for standing for two days and nights without sleep to protect their crops".

He also expressed concern about the quantities that will eventually be saved from the frost as well as from the rain and hail, typically saying that "we will import potatoes from abroad this year, we will not be able to keep the markets in Europe" .

"If we lose markets from Europe, from Greece, England then it will be the worst blow to potato growing. "Our appeal to the Ministry is to support the potato growers so that we can have potato cultivation next year as well", he said.

Andreas Karyos, President of the Pancyprian Potato Growers' Organization, also expressed their concerns. He said that last night "was something else".

"If you came at 7 in the morning, where we would pass, we would see stalactites. "The water we poured on the potatoes was frozen," he said.

"As a potato grower, seeing the damage caused by the floods, the heavy rains and the hail, so far I can say that it is estimated at 50% of the production. "If another frost comes or there is hail again, which I avoid, the damage will increase", said Mr. Karyos.

He also expressed concern about exports.

"Exports are the most difficult point if because we do not satisfy our customers abroad, they will turn to other countries and this is a loss for the future," he said.

Source: KYPE