Michalis Soulis: The physical and mental health of society is a matter of education

Article by the Candidate MP in Famagusta with the Change of Generation, Michalis Soulis

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By Michalis Soulis *


The educational system of our country needs modernization not only in the subject of material but also in the general context of children's education, offering a wider range of social education that will include various sectors without focusing on sterile - often - learning.

Our children must receive on the one hand sufficient knowledge from the educational system and on the other a proper education that will ensure the correct physical, mental and mental cultivation by providing them with the best possible education and training at all levels and in a way which does not exclude any student from the learning process.

Unfortunately in Cyprus we focused on the educational part of knowledge without offering young people a broader education and a broader education that will include their way of life.

From our schools should come not only educated people but also people who will be able to cope with modern social issues. In other words, to create citizens and not just students.

Every day we witness events that prove that our fellow citizens in many cases have no education regarding their way of life and their diet.

The high rates of obesity in our country, show that there is no education in our diet resulting in increased health problems as well as high rates of death from heart disease and other diseases that are triggered by our diet.

At the same time, the high rates of addiction to smoking, alcohol and drug use, began to be a scourge for Cyprus, as a result of which we count numbers of users and smokers instead of looking for an immediate solution to the problem. The solution, however, does not begin in adulthood but begins in student life.

We teach our children a sedentary lifestyle, in front of a computer screen or behind a desk without teaching them proper body management, exercise and sports. In this way we create people with health problems.

In our country, we follow a way of life and diet that is quite destructive and needs immediate change in order to create healthy citizens without abuse in drugs, alcohol, smoking but with proper nutrition and proper education to preserve physical and mental health. The state itself should assist in this by providing the necessary information to our fellow citizens on proper nutrition, abstinence from smoking, drugs and alcohol.

We live in a Mediterranean country and we have forgotten the Mediterranean diet. We live in a country where social solidarity is still high. The role of the state is to raise its children properly, promoting healthy living practices and safeguarding our mental health, especially in the midst of the pandemic that brings many negatives to our society, including the increasing tendencies of stress that has serious effects on our health.

* Michalis Soulis is a Member of Parliament for Famagusta with the Change of Generation Party.

Brief CV

He was born in Larnaca in 1988 and lives in Xylotymvou. He comes from the occupied Achna and the occupied Vitsada of the Province of Famagusta, birthplaces of his father and mother respectively. He is married and has a son.

He is a graduate of the American Academy in Larnaca and during his military service he served as a Probationary Reserve Officer. I have studied Civil Engineering with honors and I have done a postgraduate course in Construction Project Management in Great Britain with a scholarship. I have also studied welding engineering (IWE-EWE) in Greece.

Today I work as a Technical Director in a private construction company, and I was also a professor at UCLan University teaching welding theory. I am a member of the Institute of Civil Engineering of England (ICE), ETEK and the Hellenic Institute of Welding.

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