Pambos Charalambous: The Paralimnito-Ayiannapitis candidate who... "wants" the vine birds

New candidate Pambos Charalambous promises a casino in Cape Greco, Champions Leage and grapevines - He officially announced his candidacy for the Presidency of Famagusta District Council

The expatriate and businessman officially announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the Famagusta Provincial Self-Governing Organization today through his social media account Pampos Charalambous, originally from Paralimni and Αγία Νάπα as well as her city Famagusta.

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In his announcement, he refers, among other things, to measures to alleviate the economic crisis and the increase in the cost of living as well as to proposals which, according to him, will give the province of Famagusta the value it deserves.

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10 suggestions for his pre-election program:

1. Casino Construction:

Construction of the largest casino in the Mediterranean in the area of ​​Cabo Greco. In the area there are plots that belong to the church, which could well be granted for the construction of a large investment such as the creation of the largest casino in the Mediterranean.

2. The grapevine as a PDO:

On an exceptional basis, a permit is granted for hunting grouse in the province of Famagusta. Traditional predation of the warbler could be allowed with exceptions and by trapping with poles rather than nets. At the same time, it is proposed to register a file in order to name the Kokkinochoria grapevine as a Product with Designation of Origin (PDO).

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3. Measures in favor of hunters and farmers:

Deletion of the cost of a double-cab vehicle registration license for those who hold a hunter's license or are professional farmers.

4. Marina on the Liopetriou River:

Immediate cancellation of the restoration project of the Liopetriou River and immediate registration of plans for the creation of a large marina, which would be the largest marina for pleasure boats as well as cruise ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

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5. Investment in football teams:

Unification of all the football teams of the province of Famagusta with the establishment of a strong football team that will not only claim the Cypriot Championship, but also honors in the Champions League. In fact, in case of realization of the vision, he is ready to pay the amount of 5 million euros as an investment.

6. Academies and Padel National Team:

Establishment of academies and headquarters of a national Padel team in the province of Famagusta. Padel, as a traditional sport with which the provincials have been nurtured since they were born, could contribute to the creation of a national team based in the region with the prospect of participating in world championships as well as the Olympic Games.

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7: Only residents of the province of Famagusta can vote:

Prohibition of voting in parliamentary elections of those who are not residents of Famagusta province. In the parliamentary elections, people with origins in the province of Famagusta who - mainly due to the refugee situation - live in other provinces vote, but with their vote, they elect the representatives of the province. Therefore, MPs are elected, some of whom (according to him) do not even visit or care about the free province as it is a minority, since its voters make up only 30% of the total electorate.

8. Transfer of Famagusta Town Hall to Paralimni:

Construction and transfer of a temporary municipal building of the Municipality of Famagusta from Limassol to Paralimni in order to satisfy the burning desire of Famagusta politicians and businessmen to live and operate closer to the city of Famagusta.

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9. Branding Liopetriou:

Investment in the branding of Liopetriou and similar promotional actions. Due to its natural fjord, Liopetri could be described as the Nordfjordeid of the Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, Liopetri could secede from the newly created Municipality of Ayia Napa, and instead of participating in it as a municipal district, instead turn into the Municipality of Liopetri to preserve its branding. This will keep it from turning into a neighborhood of Ayia Napa and preserve its branding.

10. Airport in Paralimni Lake:

Completely draining Lake Paralimni, expropriating private lots in the interior and turning it into a motocross track, a car track, an Olympic-sized shooting range as well as an airport, if enough square kilometers are available. In case of reaction from Environmental groups, be informed that the entire Lake is divided into private plots.

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Who is Pambos Charalambous?

Pambos Charalambous was born in July 1974 in Ayia Napa while he grew up in Paralimni. As he mentions speaking exclusively to Famagusta.News, "I lived from a very young age the consequences of the invasion and occupation as well as the uprooting of my hotelier grandparents from the occupied city of Varosia". This resulted in him seeking his future abroad from a young age, specifically in New York, where he moved creating a large catering business in the Astoria area of ​​the Hellenic diaspora. He owns two Cypriot taverns, one in Astoria, New York and another in Milwaukee, where he was lucky enough to be visited many times by the Antetokounmpo family who have made the tavern their second home.

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As he states, money does not bring happiness and although there is a prospect for the "Pambos Cyprus Tavern" restaurants to be converted into a chain, nevertheless it was his desire to stand as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections in order to voluntarily help his place . As he mentions, he has a lot of experience in dealing with the public and politics, as he reads and comments on Facebook news and posts every day.

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Regarding the beloved city from which his grandparents came, Famagusta, he says that the identity of Famagusta as the capital of the province should be preserved and any voices heard about turning Paralimni into a temporary urban center of the province should be extinguished. Besides, as he mentions, the people of Varos are "holding Thermopylae" of the return to their city and the solution of the Cyprus problem. However, it is worth mentioning that in the context of questions from journalists, he refused to comment on the (unconfirmed) information about the sale of the family hotel unit in Varosi to the so-called "Compensation Committee" of the pseudo-state.

Pambos Charalambous will enter the upcoming municipal elections as an independent candidate for the Presidency of the Provincial Organization of Famagusta.

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