PAALIMNI: We order food supporting KEPA (IMAGE)

On Tuesday, June 1 we order and enjoy food from Kamasia Tavern - All net profits will be given to support KEPA

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KEPA "AGIOS CHRISTOFOROS" invites the citizens of the Province of Famagusta to contribute to the strengthening of its effort in a simple way.

Simply τας ordering food from the tavern of Kamasia on Tuesday, June 1st.

All proceeds will be used to support KEPA AGIOS CHRISTOFOROS, so that in turn it can help our fellow human beings who need it.

Orders can be placed until noon on Tuesday, at 99 605 339 and 99 254 475.

See food options and other information in the post below.


We welcome summer in the most beautiful way.
We order our food on Tuesday, June 1st from KAMASIAS Tavern and we help our fellow human beings.
Order now at ☎️99 605 339 and 99 254 475.

Steak € 8
Pork arrives € 8
Chicken spit € 8
Pork spit € 8
Pork skewer € 8
Kleftiko € 10
* Everything is accompanied by και potatoes and porridge.

Take away & Delivery 18:00 - 23:00
Orders until noon on Tuesday.
Thank you 🙏