Mayor of Paralimni: Unprecedented amount of rain – The infrastructure lasted up to a point

"Within 8 hours more than 200 millimeters of water were recorded - since 1988 such a phenomenon"

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Mayor Theodoros Pyrillis spoke on Radio Proto about the unprecedented weather phenomena that hit the Paralimni area.

As he said, "the amount of rain was unprecedented. Within 8 hours we had 200 millimeters, maybe more."

It was an unprecedented wave of bad weather and the infrastructure held up to a point.

A similar phenomenon, as he said, was observed in 1988 in the residential area of ​​Paralimni.

He emphasized that priority was given to rescuing people who were trapped in their vehicles.

The Fire Department was present and some worked up to 36 hours in a row, emphasized the Mayor, who thanked the Civil Defense, the District Administration and the staff of the Municipality.

The damages caused will be recorded today, he noted, while they will see how the infrastructure can be fixed in the areas where the problems were observed.