The touching announcement of the Municipality of Paralimni: "Thank you..."

The Municipality of Paralimni sends its thanks to the Municipality's crews, Police, Fire Brigade, Civil Defense, volunteers and private individuals.

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The Municipality of Paralimni issued an announcement of thanks to those who came to the side of the citizens and contributed to dealing with the floods caused by the unprecedented rainfall last Saturday.

This announcement:

“The Municipality of Paralimni wishes to express its thanks to all those who were on the front line on Saturday, January 14, 2023, during the extreme weather events and very heavy rainfall that hit the areas of the Municipality of Paralimni.

The immediate response and effective intervention of the members of the crews of the Municipality of Paralimni, the Fire Service, the Police, the Civil Defense, as well as the District Administration played a decisive role in ensuring that no life was put in danger, which was our first concern.

Special thanks are also due to the volunteers who rushed in from the first moment as well as to individuals who offered their services to deal with the consequences of the extreme weather conditions and unprecedented rainfall.

The Municipality of Paralimni reminds that in the context of assisting the work of the Ministry of the Interior and the Famagusta District Administration to record the damage caused by the heavy rains and by extension to promote requests for inspection and compensation from the state, it asks those who have suffered damage within the municipalities boundaries of Paralimni should contact 23819322 to submit their information and to be promoted to the Famagusta Provincial Administration."

About 20 houses were damaged - Tomorrow the damage registration will be completed

A total of around 20 houses in the province of Famagusta were damaged by the severe weather events that occurred in the area last Saturday, the Prefect of Famagusta Georgios Chrysafinis told the Cyprus News Agency. He added that "today three levels of the Famagusta Provincial Administration are on foot, two in the Municipality of Paralimni, one in the tourist area and one in the residential area as well as one level in the Municipality of Agia Napa". "These scales record the damage left behind by Saturday's storm," he said.

From the severe weather phenomena, he continued, "problems and damage were caused to houses, hotels, real estate and vehicles and mainly concern the underground areas of tourist businesses and hotels, while in some cases it also concerns the ground floor". Responding to a related question, Mr. Chrysafinis said that "the properties are divided into permanent and holiday homes and businesses, which include hotels and shops". "Until two o'clock in the afternoon, the crews of the District Administration registered damages in 20 residences, the registration continues in other properties and is expected to be completed tomorrow."