Kapparis: Handcuffs on four people for the arrival of the boat with the 51 immigrants

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Police arrested four people yesterday, as part of the investigation into the arrival of 51 informal immigrants

They are three men from Syria, 31, 25 and 21 years old and a man from Lebanon 19 years old.

The men, who are facing charges of trafficking in human beings, were taken this morning to the Famagusta district court, which decided on their eight-day detention.

According to police, they appear to have been drivers and owners of the boat.

The migrants, from Syria and Lebanon, who were riding in a boat, disembarked yesterday in the dead zone around 11:00 a.m.

They were received by the United Nations and then handed over to the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

They are thirty-five men, five women and eleven children.

The boat with the migrants had been spotted by the radars of the port and naval police since Thursday, sailing in international waters.

Source: KYPE / Famagusta.News