Kapparis: Major damage to agricultural products from hail (VIDEO)

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The bad weather of the last few days has also caused damage to agricultural crops. In Paralimni, farmers are counting their wounds from the severe hail that hit crops in the Kappari area.

Producers of fruit and vegetable products in Paralimni have suffered tens of thousands of euros in damage since the severe bad weather hit the entire area last Saturday.

Specifically, in the area of ​​Kappari, there was a severe hailstorm, which caused damage to outdoor crops and greenhouses.

The network of Panagiotis Kremmastos, in which he cultivated tomatoes, was completely destroyed, while he estimates that the total cost of damage to property and cultivation is estimated to exceed 80 thousand euros.

Farmer Michalis Stratis also suffered a great disaster in the external tomato cultivations he maintains in the area of ​​Kapparis.

On the other hand, producers speak of profiteering from traders but also unfair competition created by the Green Line Regulation and agricultural products imported from the occupied territories.

Finally, the farmers appeal to the Department of Agriculture to inspect and record the damage immediately, so that the appropriate compensation can be paid as soon as possible.

Famagusta.News / Sigma TV