Former Paralimniti football player hit for "Survivor 2"

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He is one of the players that was loved and hated a lot! His passage from the Greek championship has not been forgotten by the friends of the "eternals".

The reason, of course, for Michalis Konstantinou, who wore the jersey of both Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, with his move from Peania to Piraeus becoming a real thriller.


SKAI -as it has been seen from his first moves- tries to close for Survivor 2 people who will make a difference mainly in the team of the Celebrities.

One of these people according to the production of the game is Michalis Konstantinou, who meets all the specifications. He is young, handsome, he gels at the female audience and male viewers either like him or… love to hate him.

And of course she is from Cyprus where everyone knows what power she has in Greek reality and how actively her audience participates in them.

For this reason, the people of SKAI got in touch with Michalis Konstantinou and offered him to join Survivor 2, explaining that for him it will be a very good opportunity to return to the foam of publicity.

The first blow that took place did not work as Konstantinou replied that professional and family reasons do not allow him to miss a long time (especially this year when the game will last 6 whole months).

The people of SKAI tried to convince him and it is certain that they will return with a new blow, until they secure the coveted "yes" of a player, who is sure that if he enters the game he will make a difference.

Another former Olympiacos player, also a Cypriot, Giannakis Okka, was hit, but he is the alternative. The first goal was and is Michalis Konstantinou…