Kyriakou Pelagia: This is how the Municipality of Paralimni will honor her memory

Name of the Municipal Amphitheater, street renaming and series of events

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In a statement, the Municipality of Paralimni states that the Municipal Council of Paralimni, in its decision during the plenary meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2024, took decisions to honor the memory of the late folk poet from Paralimni, Kyriakous Pelagia.
Specifically, the Municipal Council decided to rename the Municipal Amphitheater of Paralimni to the Municipal Amphitheater of Paralimni "Kyriakou Pelagia", the Theseos street where the deceased lived, to Kyriakous Pelagia street and to hold a series of large events in her memory until June.
Kyriakou Pelagia inextricably linked her name with folk poetry, Cypriot traditional song and transmitted the intangible cultural heritage of our country from Paralimni to all of Cyprus and to the Hellenism everywhere.
Kyriakou Pelagia was the daughter of the excellent traditional singer Damianos Kouzalis and the daughter of Maria Koutsoloukas who knew quite a few old couplets and songs. As Michalis Passiardis characteristically mentioned, "Kyriakou Pelagia is a genuine traditional performer, the voice of the Cypriot countryside, the voice that when you hear it you want to relax among the pervolia and the ormani".
"Mastorissa" gave another dimension to the Cypriot Traditional Song which, on the one hand, thanks to the authenticity and purity of her voice and on the other hand, thanks to the gentleness and kindness that distinguished her, managed to bring the young people to the yard of folk song.
Kyriakou Pelagia loved and highlighted Paralimni, the province of Famagusta and our Cyprus in general and managed to write a new chapter for the Cypriot tradition.