Kyriana Christou: From Paralimni to the ethers with Etihad - She has traveled to 35 countries! (PICTURES)

Kyriana Christou is a flight attendant and talks to FamagustaNews about her decision to become a flight attendant, her difficulties, her travels and she shares photos of them with us.

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He is 25 years old and has traveled to 35 countries!

This is Kyriana Christou who grew up in Paralimni, with father Famagusta and mother Wales. He managed to make the dream of many men and women come true, making a living… traveling. She may have studied BA Fashion Marketing & Branding in Nottingham, England, but the ethers won her and since 2018 she is a flight attendant. She has worked at Cyprus Airways for a year and since February 2020 has been a flight attendant at Etihad Airways (National airline of the United Arab Emirates) based in Abu Dhabi.

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Being a flight attendant is not the easiest profession, since it is something that forces you to move constantly, to sleep a little and more! Nevertheless, Kyriana in her interview with FamagustaNews and Andri Flourentzou, seems to enjoy it and makes it seem simple. He speaks with love about it and inspires a lot of people!

The interview will answer many questions and will take you on a journey!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a flight attendant?

It was not something I had in my plans. I generally traveled a lot with my parents growing up so I am grateful to those who taught me from an early age the importance of enriching our knowledge by learning about different cultures and cultures. When I became a student I started looking for some information about the profession, after I realized that I wanted to travel much more often than twice a year.

What process did you follow to enter this space?

As soon as I finished my studies and returned to Cyprus, my mother had sent me the ad she had online for Cyprus Airways. Without a second thought I made the request.
When I was hired for the final interview and finally selected, I was still thinking about whether I would like this job, as it was something completely new.
If I liked it, then I started applying for bigger companies like Emirates and Etihad. For the Etihad interview I attended Athena.

What are the reactions from your social environment?

I am very lucky in this matter because the people close to me supported me and were by my side 100%, even if it meant that I would not have the opportunity to see them so often.

What is your favorite destination?

So far I have visited 34 countries and I can not say that I love a particular destination.

Anonymous 45 x 20 cm 1200 x 675 px 2022 06 07T180621.956 exclusive, flight attendantFor me, each country has its own magic. and I am a person who comes out of his seat belt and visits destinations very different from his culture. I think that all destinations have something to offer me, but if I had to choose Rome and Italy in general for my choice within Europe. Outside Europe, Tokyo, Japan. It's a city that stood out to me and I want to come back soon. From tropical destinations I would choose the Seychelles, they combine mountain (green) and turquoise waters.

Naturally loved by many, Thailand and the islands it offers are magical.

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A place where when you had to stay it was difficult because of the culture?
Because of my profession I have daily contact with different cultures and so I do not face much problem. When you are in contact with international passengers you are constantly learning some basic behaviors and differences that may show in relation to our culture and so you know approximately what to expect.

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What were the most days you stayed in one place?

With travel due to work we stay from 24 hours up to 96 hours. I went on a personal trip to Australia for 1 month.

How many hours have you spent in the air?

14 hours for Australia that I do at least once a month.

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Now you work for Etihad. Is there a difference between Etihad and other airlines?

The difference between Etihad and European airlines is that you get more benefits, for example they offer us accommodation in Abu Dhabi, discounted tickets with hundreds of companies worldwide and of course accommodation in many destinations. Also the salary is much better even if the Emirates are relatively expensive.

Any incidents you will never forget that happened in flight?

Every flight attendant's nightmare when there are various incidents regarding the health of the passengers, from simple fainting to heart attacks. There are times when we have to unload passengers when we think there may be danger in flight and this usually has to do with alcohol consumption. Fortunately, none of the most serious health incidents have happened to me. What I will never forget is the passenger who was arguing with his wife and hit her hard in the face. In such cases the police take over.

What is it like to be based in Abu Dhabi?

Life in Abu Dhabi is quite calm compared to neighboring Dubai. There is always something to do from beaches, beach bars, malls etc. Of course there are prejudices about this place however, these have to do with how the Emirates used to be, when they had less tourism and were more conservative due to religion.

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In recent years, however, the Emirates has opened up to people from all over the world and so it has been affected so that not everything that people believe is valid. You can go almost anywhere with whatever clothes you want, alcohol is served everywhere and it is generally like any other destination. Only in places of religion and perhaps in some malls where locals are circulating should you cover parts of the body such as knees and shoulders. Also, during the months of Ramadan, you should not drink or eat in public out of respect.

The only thing that still bothers me in the Emirates is the heat especially in July and August where the temperature rises to almost 50 degrees!

What are the difficulties of being a flight attendant?

There are several difficulties. There is no fixed routine in your life. The hours are difficult, that is, one day I can start work in the morning and the next I can fly at night. We also travel from one continent to another in a short time. Of course these have an impact on physical health especially the lack of sleep. But if you pay attention to your diet and take advantage of your breaks properly, you can balance so that you have a healthy life.

It is a profession with an expiration date. What are your thoughts on this?

For me personally yes I think it has an expiration date but a lot of people make it a career. I know many people in the company who are married with a family. I am not something that I can - I believe - continue when and after the time comes to have a family.
What would you advise a young person who would like to pursue this profession?
For someone who wants it, I advise them to pursue it 100% and not to think about the difficulties of change. I understand that for many it is very difficult to leave Cyprus, their family and generally their comfort zone. But it is a profession that will open your eyes. You will gain experiences that you can not imagine and knowledge that you will have all your life!

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From Famagusta to the ethers and from the ethers all over the world. Are you missing something from your place?

Of course, above all, I miss my family. It is one of the main difficulties faced by everyone who has migrated. I am grateful that I can visit them quite often whenever I have the opportunity. Apart from my family, I miss simple things like the sea and of course the food!

Is it something that the destinations you traveled to would be jealous of on your island?

I travel to many beautiful destinations but with each trip I understand the value of our island. We are very lucky to have grown up on an island not only beautiful but also with a family environment that you do not find everywhere! The combination of the weather, the beaches and the food of the Mediterranean is something enviable!