Marina Paralimniou: The works started with intensive rhythms (VIDEO + IMAGES)

The President of DISY Averof Neophytou - Pyrillis visited the Paralimni Marina today: "A dream of decades becomes a reality"

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The area where the construction of the marina in Paralimni is in progress, was visited today by the President Mr. Averof Neophytou together with the Mayor Mr. Pyrillis and Mr. Anthoulis Kontouris, responsible for the project.

Watch the video:

The Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, stated the following about the project:  

"As we can see, the works for the Paralimni marina have started a few days ago. A dream of some decades, today it becomes a reality and an act. And to say that for all the skeptics who said that this project would not start, this is the answer and I want to warmly thank the family of Mr. Stavros Kountouris, Antonis and Anthoulis for the efforts they have made over the last 8 years where they worked tirelessly in collaboration with us to make this project a reality. I think that now the quality of infrastructure in Protaras and Paralimni is beginning to show to the world and as I said we owe all this to the government of Nikos Anastasiadis and the faction that supported him and continues to support him. We hope that our country, which today is a different country from the one we received in 2013, with completely different conditions, will lead us to much better days by correcting some wrongdoers. It really is a vision of life and what some people said is a dream of a summer night, now it seems that we also have dreams during the day ".

Anthoulis Kountouris, General Manager of PMV Maritime Holdings, stated the following:

"After 2015, when the tender was announced, in 2018 we signed contracts with the state for the lease of land. After time-consuming procedures for licensing and securing all relevant permits, we have already issued the necessary permits including the port project permit and for the past 15 days the marina project has started, as you can see back we are building a temporary arm behind the who will follow the procedures to be backfilled so as to create the land for the creation of the project. We are able to say that the project will be constructed to the best specifications. We have already made several agreements which are of international scope and we hope that our project will bring another breath to the region, will upgrade tourism and give life to the sea here where we so desperately need to dock boats, people to visit the beautiful area us".

For his part, the President of the Democratic Alarm stressed the following:

"I am here in one of the beautiful areas of Cyprus and I find one thing. The Cypriot business, the Cypriot businessman is made of steel. I would like to congratulate the Kountouris family, who in a global health crisis, with huge economic consequences and in a country where some people thought that the end of the investment program would destroy the economy, the answer to those who predicted disasters is your energy dear Flower. Congratulations to Stavros and Antonis, all of you, for stubbornly sending a message. We will make the economy of Cyprus even stronger. With quality, determination and result ".

Mr. Kountouris added that "The investors in the place are the young people who invest in this place with Mr. Neophytou answering that our place is a paradise, we are the ones who wrong him, zeroing the value of our place."