Caliber: A pioneering company in design in Famagusta

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It operates in an area where for many years the market dynamics are two-speed. CALIBER, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, in spite of the times, has managed to balance this dynamic and establish itself as a name in the consciousness of many, but especially of its customers.

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Name CALIBER expresses and declares what is… a modern, dynamic and capable company, which aims to continue its upward course. In this context of continuous development, it considers it necessary to have its customers and partners as companions.

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It is a fact that today, most companies and organizations recognize the need for proper marketing and branding with the ultimate goal of creating a strong and attractive image for their customers. But in order to achieve such a thing, an expert is needed; and this is where Caliber takes over.

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With a large network of partners, CALIBER covers and supports the needs of each customer, always having as main concern the beginning of a win-win future cooperation with him. We are talking about cooperation and not just a customer relationship because we believe in the essence of this relationship which is to build a good product for the common good.

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The firm policy of the company is to differentiate it, offering a complete range of services that cover aspects such as those of BrandingOf Graphic Design and Advertising but also his Digital Marketing. Also important for the development of the company is the fact that in the last 7 years CALIBER has managed to emerge in the service sector Interior Architecture and Decoration.

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Like any self-respecting company, CALIBER is constantly monitoring developments and new technologies in order to be able to meet the needs of its customers and to be able to provide a high level of integrated and efficient services.

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Expertise combined with creativity, flexible service and personal relationship are the main pillars of its corporate philosophy.

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Savvas Kyriakou, founder of the company, states that, CALIBER offers its services based on the triptych DIFFERENTIATION - VALUE FOR MONEY - SUPPORT, thus following a customer-centric approach which has a positive impact from and to its customers.

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The award-winning European Spa, Fitness & Wellness Award 2018 "Aura Spa" by "La Mer Spa"

Caliber's distinctions include the significant recognition she received, with La Mer's work "Aura Spa" at the Pernera Hotel, which was awarded by The Luxury Travel Guide in the Awards 2018 European Spa, Fitness & Wellness Awards with selection criteria: Innovation & Design, Marketing & Branding.

You can find Caliber Design at 10 Tassou Markou StreetΑ, 5281 Paralimni (opposite Robustos Winery).
Tel. 23744200, Email: