Paralimnitis Nikolas Petrou made (again) the most beautiful video for Cyprus

An amazing video with the slogan "Better Days are Here" on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism for the main campaign abroad

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If there was an exact translation to give the English word "breathtaking", then it would characterize the videos of Nikola Petros. The young man, only 23 years old (!) From Paralimni, who with only his ingenuity as an ally, his innate talent but also the experiences he got from his dozens of trips, managed to create in record time the undoubtedly the best campaign in our country. abroad, but at the same time in his unique videos he managed to give in the most representative way the unadulterated beauties of our island.

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After the video titled “Better Days are Coming” commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism last month to create only footage that he already had in his archive, the people at the State Department, impressed by his work, commissioned him to create the second part with the slogan "Better Days Are Here" and for For this reason, for more than a month, he toured Cyprus capturing scenes of Cypriot beauty and creating a video that perfectly characterizes our Cyprus and is considered one of the best travel videos in the world from a very early age.

The video premiered on the website of the Deputy Minister of Tourism (Visit Cyprus) last night and so far counts thousands of views, while the dynamic campaign of our country abroad, will promote it to reach every potential visitor in all countries in which it targets to attract our country.

Watch the video:

The "thank you" of Nikolas Petros

In a post on his personal account, Nikolas Petrou wrote that 23 years ago he was born in Cyprus and later decided to travel the world to meet other cultures, believing that he had to make this journey to get to know life, while during it lockdown gave him the opportunity to get to know the beauty of our island. He thanked Visit Cyprus for giving him the opportunity to get to know Cyprus, as he had forgotten how much he misses a day full of adventures from sunrise to sunset, the sounds of the waves and the smell of salt. water, the beauties, the hospitality, but also the delicious food of this amazing island. That's why, as he states, "get out there and experience these best days."

At the same time, he thanked FPV Pilot Michalis Antoniou and Loni Dimitriou who contributed to his trip as well as the Deputy Minister of Tourism who made the trip a reality.