PARALIMNI: Pyrilli's answer for Watersports: "The beaches are nobody's nest"

Mayor of Paralimni responds to protesting watersports owners: "The beaches of Protaras are nobody's nest"

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled 18 exclusive, Municipality of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis

The Mayor of Paralimni sent an answer through his announcement to the owners of water sports and to the protest that takes place this morning outside the City Hall of Paralimni.

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His announcement is as follows:

"I do not want to clash with water sports managers.

It is their right to protest, it is their right to protest and it is their right to go to court if they think their rights have been violated.

They insist that in the offers there is a provision that the bidders must have 5 years of experience "in the specific point". They therefore want the offers to photograph themselves in order to continue to hold their posts which is contrary to the Legislation and the European Acquis.

The Municipality of Ayia Napa with 9 beaches receives 200.000 euros per year. The Municipality of Paralimni with double working time (due to weather conditions) and with 12 beaches receives 110.000 euros per year. In the golden beaches of Protaras the highest amount paid is € 15.000 per year while in Ayia Napa the highest amount is almost € 50.000 per year.

The beaches of Protaras and their income belong to the citizens of the Municipality of Paralimni. The Municipality follows the European Laws and the Laws of the State. The Mayor implemented the decisions of the Municipal Council and the Tender Committee announced them in accordance with the clear legal opinions it received on this issue.

If these entrepreneurs want to keep their posts, take part and win the competition that is done through transparent procedures, without discrimination, without pre-arrangements and partnerships.

The beaches of Protaras are not for anyone.