PARALIMNI: 35 million projects are changing the image of the Municipality

Redevelopment of the square, extension of the beach promenade, new Kappari avenue, construction of a Children's Club, multi-storey car park and marina among the major projects that are changing the face of Paralimni

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The major development projects which are expected to change the appearance of its urban core Paralimni as well as the tourist area presents today in extensive report by the journalist Natasa Christoforou of Phileleftheros.

As stated in the publication and based on statements made by the Mayor Theodoros Pyrillis, the Municipality's budget for the new year amounts to 35 million which is the fourth largest in the whole of Cyprus.

As stated by the Mayor in an interview he gave: "Our vision is through the infrastructure projects to create the conditions for economic, cultural and social upgrading of Paralimni and the entire free province, to enable our children to stay and live in their place".

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The biggest projects in detail:

1. Redevelopment of the square and historic center

Project area: 1 square kilometer
Phase I: 9 million euros (Start: September 2023 / Completion: 2025) preparation of construction plans and tender announcement
Phase II: Creation of paved roads up to the Municipal Hall and the unification of the church squares.

According to the plan, the streets from the ancient church of Agia Anna, to Agia Marina and the holy church of Agios Georgios, will be paved and turned into pedestrian streets, modern lighting and urban equipment will be installed and all utilities will be undergrounded.

As the Mayor of Paralimni states in his interview with Phileleftheros, "At the moment the historical core of Paralimni is abandoned and there are some old cafes and shops. This project will attract locals and tourists who will be able to come and take their walk in Paralimni and will provide an opportunity for economic development in the center. In five years, we will see an area worthy of the Municipality of Paralimni"

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2. Creation of a multi-storey car park

Start: First quarter 2023
It will accommodate: 300 cars
Value: 6,5 million euros.

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3. Children's Club of Paralimni

Value: 2 million euros

4. Paralimni Marina

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5. Extension of coastal sidewalk

Phase D: From Paralimni marina to the opposition line (Municipality of Deryneia)
Value: 19 million euros
Completion: 2024

Phase V: From Hotel Nausika to Konnou Beach (Cabo Greco)

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6. Kappari Avenue

the project concerns the part of Kappari Avenue that starts 270 meters north of the existing roundabout and ends in the buffer zone, on the border with the city of Famagusta (Kennedy Avenue extension). The Project will also include the improvement of Yorki Papadopoulou Street for a length of around 320 meters and a bypass road, Apollonos Street for a length of around 150 meters as well as the creation of a new secondary road network of around 260 meters near Lefkados Street ».

Completion: October 2023
Value: 6,4 million euros

Source: Liberal