PARALIMNI: In a state of intoxication, the 21-year-old man made "glasses - nails" at the LITO Polyclinic

He attacked and beat a Policeman - What the Police report about the 21-year-old who was stopping cars in the middle of the street

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Information regarding the incident with the 21-year-old asylum seeker who was stopping cars in the middle of the street on Sotiros Street in Paralimni was provided by the Police.

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As Steve Theodoulou, press representative of the Famagusta Police Department, reported to KYPE, "around 06.30:29 on the morning of Wednesday, March XNUMX, information was received at the Paralimni Police Station, according to which an unknown foreigner was outside a polyclinic in Paralimni and was causing concern by shouting and obstructing vehicular traffic, even falling in the middle of the road. According to the information, the specific person entered the polyclinic where he caused damage to an office worth one hundred euros."

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He added that "members of the Paralimni Police Station went to the scene, where they found the foreigner in a state of intoxication and causing concern and disturbing the peace. The foreigner, a 21-year-old political asylum seeker from the Congo, refused to comply with the instructions of the police officers and was abusive towards them, resulting in his arrest for the spontaneous offenses of drunkenness, disturbance, disturbing the peace and abuse.

According to Mr. Theodoulou, "during his arrest, the foreigner resisted and hit the policeman in the face who was trying to handcuff him. The policeman was transported to the General Hospital of Paralimni, where he was examined by the doctors who found that he had two chest wounds and four stitches were made to him."

He also noted that "the 21-year-old was brought before the District Court of Famagusta in Paralimni and a case was registered against him, which was set for June 13. The Judge ordered that the foreigner be released after signing a personal guarantee of five thousand euros, which was done.

The case is being investigated by the Paralimni Police Station.

With information from KYPE