PROTARAS: They spread that a tavern killed 32 kittens - "No case" answers the Police

They accuse a tavern in Protaras of killing 32 cats - "No complaint" the Police answer - The owners are moving legally

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Non-existent, as it turns out so far, complaints seem to be spreading on Social Media about a well-known tavern in First of all. According to the complaints, the owners of the tavern allegedly poisoned… 32 kittens. In fact, the non-existent, as it turns out so far, complaints do not stay there, as the user of the social networks that spreads the complaint, states that the poisoning was done with chickens soaked in poison! The accusations are rejected by the Police who seem to have taken over the case, while legally the owners are moving against the users who posted the complaints.

The "disputed" complaint

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The police on their part responded that the Paralimni Police Station on 5/4/22 responded immediately to the information about possible poisoning of cats by a tavern owner in Protaras. Police in the area have not found any dead cats, nor have they identified any evidence of possible poisoning. In closing, the police stated that to date no cats have been identified that have been poisoned nor is there any evidence to lead to such a conclusion.

The management of the tavern in turn responded to the social media for the rumors.

Specifically, through an announcement, he stated that their legal advisers are already handling this case in consultation with the competent authorities, emphasizing that the specific rumors are completely false and non-existent.

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