VIDEO: The twin students from Paralimni who won in Pancypria speak to Famagusta.News

How Marios and Irini Skitsa Describe Their Feelings - What their parents, Andreas and Dimitra, say about their children's success

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The twin students from Paralimni, Marios and Irini Skitsa, who won the Pancyprian exams, spoke today on the camera of Famagusta.News. Specifically, Marios managed to secure a position in Medicine and Peace in Law. They are students of Paralimni High School and are among the 13 students who managed to win. It is noted that as for Mario, although he collected a higher score than the second in the ranking for Medicine, nevertheless he was ranked second for this school, due to the reduction that raised the score for the second student.

On the camera of Famagusta.News they described their feelings that their efforts not only paid off but also that they managed to secure a place in the schools they chose.

For their part, their parents, Andreas and Dimitra, described their pride that their twin children managed to excel in the desired schools. For his part, the children's father, Andreas Skitsas, who is also the President of the Parents' Association of Paralimni High School, speaking to Famagusta.News, did not fail to point out the important success for the school, which makes not only Paralimni proud but also the province in general, while he did not fail to congratulate the other students and the teachers of the school.

Watch the video with the statements recorded by Famagusta.News' camera: