Pyrillis: "I support a single Municipality in Famagusta" - Sotira is the headquarters of the District. Agency (VIDEO)

Pyrillis harsh response to Annita Dimitriou about rebels: "If he had a chip..."

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The place is above the parties, above my party, said Theodoros Pyrillis on ANT1's Mera Mesimeri, stressing that he is running for president of the Famagusta Provincial Organization because there is a big issue with the neglect of the free province of Famagusta.

"Some people had the power to give impetus and for the free province of Famagusta to get more funds. For example, there are approximately 4.3 billion euros from the various European funds and only 70 million come to us."

Mr. Pyrillis stated that the PtD himself, when he was in the area, admitted that the free province of Famagusta is neglected. He also added that only 2% of the GDP concerns the free province of Famagusta and this has been the case for the last four years, as he clarifies.

The candidate for president of the EOA of Famagusta, emphasized that a big difference between him and the other candidate for the position, Giannis Karousos, is that he unreservedly supports that the free province of Famagusta should be a single municipality, which Mr. Karousos disagrees with .

"An agreement has been reached in the temporary coordinating council for the EOA. The services will be housed in the privately owned building owned by the Paralimni sewerage board and the administration will be housed in the Sotiras Town Hall. Be sure that the EOA of Famagusta will be ready much sooner than some estimate. Let them look for problems in other provinces."

Mr. Pyrillis also mentioned that for so many years for the free province of Famagusta, decisions have been made by others who do not live there and he emphasized that this will be the only time that the residents of the free province of Famagusta will vote by themselves, for their place.

"I dare to give the choice to the people of Famagusta, apart from parties. Everyone can say that they are independent, but everyone knows that I am a real independent candidate who did not go through the processes of any party."

In his position regarding the statements of the president of DISY about rebels, Theodoros Pyrillis said that if he had the guts, he could contact him one of the many times that she herself visited the Municipality of Paralimni.

"If I have a DISY ID, let Ms. Annita Dimitriou answer. I have sent my resignation letter some years ago and it was not accepted. I stand by my beliefs, I'm never going to change."

Source: ANT1