The funeral of the trapped Savva Liasi (IKONES) was held in Agia Triada Gialousa

LIASIS7 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

It is the duty of all to continue the effort for a lasting and functional solution to the Cyprus problem that will justify the hopes and expectations of the people, said today the Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou, adding that this debt must be fulfilled by putting the common interest above all.

LIASIS3 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

In his funeral speech at the funeral of Savvas Liasis that took place in the occupied church of Agia Triada Gialousa, Mr. Fotiou said that the deceased "was one of the most emblematic figures among our captives, shockingly dignified, master of all, heroic figure , πατριώτης. Words are not always enough to describe the magnitude of the offer of a fellow human being "he said and noted that" in the case of Savvas Liasis one should count the fact that he repeatedly and stubbornly refused to leave his homeland. "And he was trapped for 45 years, in very adverse and harsh conditions."

LIASIS1 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

He added that when asked recently why he never left the Holy Trinity, the deceased replied that "here is our land, I want to breathe the air of Gialousa and Karpasia and I would not be able to endure anywhere else".

He also said that after the tragic events of 1974, Savvas Liassis had made it clear that he would not leave his home to go south and ask to be allowed to go north, thus remaining rooted in his place.

LIASIS8 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

As Mr. Fotiou said, “with his struggles in favor of the trapped and his great and deep love for the whole of Karpasia, he became a real symbol of it. His role was decisive for the restoration of the Holy Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, while he took care, in all these years, of the churches of Agia Triada and Agios Therisos "he said and noted that" in Agia Triada he was its singer, even when the illnesses and the general suffering of his long life, as if they were allied to relieve him of this debt in order for him to rest ”.

LIASIS2 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

According to the Commissioner of the Presidency, Savvas Liasis "not only enjoyed the appreciation and love of the trapped" but the Turkish Cypriots and the settlers of the area addressed him as "Thkie Savvi" for his offer and help to all, for the transfer of patients to hospital with his car, while he could and did communicate with everyone and was able to consult with the occupying authorities and the United Nations on matters concerning the entire population. Savvas Liasis served the whole of Karpasia, always with dignity and exemplary love for his place ".

LIASIS Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

He also noted that the deceased "at the age of 87, supported the establishment of a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with the aim of preserving, promoting and disseminating the cultural heritage of occupied Karpasia. The name of the organization is "Achaean Coast" which refers to the Achaean Coast of antiquity, near Cape Plakoti, north of Gialousa "where ancient historians such as Strabo defined as a landing site of the first Achaeans after the end of the Trojan War".

In his funeral speech, Fotis Fotiou referred to the many meetings he had with Savvas Liasis, noting that "he was one of those great figures who inspire and exemplify others" and that he will remember him forever for his advice.

LIASIS6 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

He added that "the principles and values ​​he advocated and his unique love for his homeland, Savvas Liasis took care to transmit them in the best way to his daughter Tula" who as a writer and art teacher to convey to young people everything they must know about the drama that our country has gone through and continues to experience, and what they must know in order to strengthen their will and expectations for an end to the sufferings of our country.

According to Mr. Fotiou, "to all our compatriots who leave with their dream to remain unfulfilled, we have a duty to continue our efforts to achieve a lasting and functional solution that will live up to the hopes and expectations of each of us and will promise more for everyone. We must fulfill this debt together, putting the common interest above all else ".

LIASIS4 Gialousa, Caged, Nea Famagusta

On behalf of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis and the Government, the Presidential Commissioner expressed "sincere condolences" to the family and relatives, adding that "the memory of Savvas Liasis will forever remain strong and eternal" and noted that deep gratitude and the appreciation of all towards the person and his whole offer.

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