Averof Neophytou in Ayia Napa, Sotira and Liopetri (VIDEO)

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The President of the Democratic Alarm, Mr. Averof Neophytou, visited the free province of Famagusta today. In Ayia Napa, accompanied by MPs Giorgos Karoullas, Nikos Georgiou and party officials, he had a meeting with Mayor Christos Zannetou and members of the Municipal Council. Mr. Zannetou stated the following about the visit of the President of the Democratic Alarm:

"To welcome my friend, President of the Democratic Alarm Mr. Averof Neophytou in Ayia Napa, to thank him for his interest in learning about the developments of tourism as well as our projects and developments here in our Municipality. I am really happy because such meetings, such visits are the ones that through cooperation we discuss the various problems, our various requirements and at the same time we face the appropriate support that we need to proceed to the realization of our vision. We discussed together the issues of tourism, to mention that the tourism industry this year in Ayia Napa was relatively good compared to certainly no relation to 2020, compared to 2019 I can say we are at a level of about 65% . At the moment there are all the hotels and they operate with a fullness of about 55-60% and they are even more supported on the weekends by the domestic tourism ".

Watch footage from the Averof Neophytou tour:

Asked about the October forecasts, Mr. Zannetou answered:

"The forecasts for October are definitely difficult. It is expected, at least until October 15-20, that the situation as it is today, around 55 to 60% on average, will continue. We all know that after October 15-20, the agents always reduce or stop some of the flights, so we certainly do not know what will happen next. Let me emphasize this year that the increase and the cooperation that the state, the government, concluded with low cost airlines has contributed a lot and this contributed to having people who traveled on their own through these companies and this was evident in Agia Napa and the quality of the world, because we all know that when one travels alone one is definitely looking for different experiences and different options. And this gave the opportunity to this world to visit both the restaurants and the similar services of our Municipality. I want to say that there is a pleasure in terms of the work that has been done this year in general by companies, if we exclude of course the inner region of Ayia Napa which we all know the problems it faces and we expect that soon they will be able to work through the new local plan to upgrade and review either their operation or the way they work so that they too can cope. ”

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On his part, Mr. Neophytou stated the following:

"Today we are in Ayia Napa and every day that I am with the people, with the Mayors, with the private sector, I feel more optimistic about the course of our country. I had stated a few weeks ago after my meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank that the growth of 2021 will not only reach but also possibly exceed the recession of 2020. With the image I have in Cyprus and how our tourism is going, I will leave a word, the "probably" and I will say I am sure that the growth rates of the Cypriot economy for the whole of 2021 will exceed the rate of recession of 2020. We can make the best Cyprus.

I am happy because today I am in the Municipality of Ayia Napa, congratulations friend Mayor, together with your associates but also to congratulate the government of Nikos Anastasiadis and the competent Ministers because without their support we would not see today in this dynamic Municipality projects order, as you have informed me, of 14 million.

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We must build a quality Cyprus. The quality is the one that will upgrade both the income of the state and the gross national product, but will also increase the country's per capita income.

When every job you do, whether it is a park, an infrastructure project or a hotel, a restaurant, quality is distinguished. You have happy visitors, you have satisfied entrepreneurs because they have more revenue, you have happy employees because they can get more. That is the goal we have as a Democratic Alarm. To build the Cyprus of tomorrow in quality.

Yesterday, the Mayor had a positive and substantial message from the House of Representatives. A clear message was sent, more general and more specific. I will start with the specific, that all the political parties in Parliament and the seven parties are in favor and committed to vote for the reform of local government by the end of November at the latest. Secondly, the second equally important reform for me, we are reducing the electoral processes that cost. Not the election costs, I do not take them into account. The costs that are created in a prolonged pre-election period in Cyprus that every politician or every party is forced to do. to make decisions, not so beneficial for the place but beneficial for the party votes. So limiting electoral processes is a great benefit to society. At the same time, the way is open for the modernization of Cyprus, to proceed with the package of major reforms.

Reforms in the judiciary, to be able to make decisions as soon as possible, but also reforms in the public sector. To have a public service that serves and serves the citizens and not a public service that due to the entanglements and is not the responsibility of public officials, to bother and hinder business activity but also to make life lifeless to the ordinary citizen. ”