SOTIRA: Farewell to Kyriakos Spau - "We all wear white"

The appeal of the family for the funeral of little Kyriakos in Liopetri

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On New Year's Eve, relatives and friends will bid their last farewell to the little hero, Kyriakos Spau from Liopetri.

The childish smile of little Kyriakos "went out" on the morning of December 24 after a second battle with cancer.

The exodus service for 10-year-old Kyriakos will be chanted on Saturday from the Holy Church of Resurrection Sotiras.

The family of the little hero appeals to the public to wear white clothes and instead of wreaths to donate to the One Dream One Wish Association.

The family will not accept condolences.

It is recalled that Kyriakos was diagnosed with cancer in December 2020, at the age of only 9 years and managed to emerge victorious.

Recently he was called to fight a second battle with the disease and on December 18 he breathed his last.