First place for Sotiras Primary School in the "Work hard in our Community" Competition - Watch the video

With the ten-minute film "COPY AT SOTIRA" the children of the XNUMXth grade of Sotiras XNUMXrd Primary School stood out and took first place in a Cypriot competition - VIDEO

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The first prize was won by SOTIRAS PRIMARY SCHOOL III (SINGLE ALL DAY) in the "Work hard in our Community" Competition. With the ten-minute film "COPY AT SOTIRA", the children of the 2022th grade of Sotiras 2023rd Primary School (One Day) stood out and took first place in a Cyprus-wide competition, announced by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth , during the 1-14703 school year (

With zeal, imaginative ideas, hard work, sympathy and cooperation, the teachers of the school, Zafeiro Othonos, Hara Tifa and Christiana Pieroulli Pisiia wrote the script, directed, edited and filmed all the scenes. The film's music was composed by Marios Antoniou. Editing was done by a school teacher, too. The Director of the School, Mr. Marios Pogiatzis heartily encouraged teachers and children and the result was even and completely authentic.

In other words, the film was created in the context and capabilities of the school unit, stood out in the Competition and made the School and the Community proud!

The Mayor Mr. Georgios Takkas and the Sotiras Municipal Council express their warm congratulations to all the contributors, children, management and teachers, for their commendable effort!