SOTIRA: Christmas charity market for PASYKAF

We open our hearts and embrace the Christmas meal with love

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Deputy Mayor Sotiras Antonis Koumis and his wife Mrs. Sotiras Koumis invite you on Sunday November 19 to a special breakfast with a festive atmosphere dedicated to PASYKAF.

The festive breakfast will be held at the house (Sotiras 5,5390, 9 Sotira) of Mr. Antonis and Mrs. Sotiras Koumis, from 30:13 a.m. to 00:XNUMX p.m.

The special breakfast will include a Christmas market with handmade arrangements, drink baskets, candles, 2024 charms and other clever Christmas gift ideas.

All proceeds will support the Services and Programs of PASYKAF.

For information call 99658506 Mr. Antonis or 99458534 Ms. Sotira.