The video of the Municipality of Sotira with the celebrations of March 25

With a special 30-second video, the Municipality of Sotiras celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution

Snapshot 2021 03 25 22.13.21 March 25, 1821, exclusive, Municipality of Sotiras

The Municipality of Sotiras honored the National Anniversary of March 25, 1821 but also the anniversary of the completion of 200 years since the beginning of the Greek revolution.

In the morning, a salute was held by the band of Sotiras Catechism and then a flag was raised in the presence of the Mayor Sotiras, Mr. Georgios Takkas and with the participation of a group from the Sotiras Reserve Paratroopers Club, during which the banner of the Cypriots was raised. during their participation in the independence struggle.

Afterwards, a solemn doxology was performed at the Holy Temple of the Resurrection.

The solemnity of the day was delivered by the Professor of Modern and Contemporary History Dr. Haris Alexandrou. The speaker was addressed by Mayor Sotiras.

Afterwards, a trisagion was performed at the Monument of the Fallen and Missing Savior, a one-minute silence and the laying of wreaths.

In the end, the National Anthem was sung and in the evening a flag was hoisted in the presence of Mayor Sotiras, Mr. Georgios Takkas.

Watch the video: