Survivor: Eleftheria Eleftheriou is a candidate for resignation (VIDEO)

See what happened at the island council

Screenshot 2021 02 03 090930 Survivor, ELEFTHERIA ELEFTHERIOU

At the island council they met, at Survivor on Tuesday, the Blues and the Reds after the second immunity match, in which the Blues lost again.

Thus, the team was asked to vote again for the player they consider the weakest.

Nikos Bartzis, who had won individual immunity, could not be voted on again in this vote. At the same time, the player of the Blues should "show" the third candidate.

After a difficult vote, the ballot box "showed" who should be next to the Valeria Hopsonidou and to fight for the stay in Survivor. As announced by the presenter of the survival reality show of SKAI, George Lianos, the name of the second candidate is Eleftheria Eleftheriou!

Immediately after, Nikos Bartzis "gave" E.Lena Maripoza Kremlidou.

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