NOW: Heavy rain in the village of Famagusta Weather, SUMMER, Nea Famagusta

Heavy rain is currently occurring in many areas of the province of Famagusta, while in Sotira there was hail.

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The forecast of the Meteorological Service:

Today the weather will be partly cloudy and temporarily mostly cloudy, while local rains and thunderstorms are expected. In a storm hail is likely to fall. From late afternoon the weather will improve. The winds will blow mainly northeast to southeast, weak as moderate, 3 to 4's, while initially transient to strong, 4 to 5's. In a storm the wind can change and strengthen to 6 feet. The sea will be a little turbulent and locally up to turbulent. The temperature will rise to around 27 degrees inland, around 25 on the coast and around 15 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight there will be temporarily increased clouds, while later it is possible to form locally sparse fog and low clouds. The winds will blow northwest as northeast and in the north south, weak, 3 µpofor. The sea will gradually become a little turbulent. The temperature will drop to around 17 degrees inland, southwest and north coasts, around 18 on the rest of the coast and around 10 degrees in the higher mountains.

On Saturday there will be temporarily increased high clouds, while in the afternoon clouds that will develop are likely to give heavy rain and possible thunderstorm, mainly in the mountains.

On Sunday the weather will be mostly clear, but gradually clouds that will develop, are expected to give individual rains or thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains and inland. Heavy rains are likely to occur in the evening, mainly near the beaches.

On Monday, the weather will be partly cloudy and temporarily mostly cloudy, while locally it is raining and thunderstorms.

The temperature will rise on Saturday and the significant change on Sunday, to fluctuate above the average climatic values, while on Monday it will fall slightly, to fluctuate close to the average climatic values.