Adams Hotel: Significant donations to charities in Famagusta

Adams Beach Hotel next to the local community - Donations to KEPA, St. Barnabas and St. Paul

CSR ADAMS 2021 Adams Beach Hotel, Apostolos Barnabas Special School, Apostolos Pavlos Special School, KEPA Agios Christoforos

The Adams Beach Hotel, in Ayia Napa, in the context of its wider social activities, has made donations of a significant amount of money, in order to help the KEPA in practice. Agios Christoforos (Paralimni), the Special School of Apostolos Barnabas (Liopetri) and the Special School of Apostolos Pavlos (Liopetri).

As it is known, Adams Beach Hotel is active in the social events and the commons of the province of Famagusta and over time supports the local community by covering to the maximum the essential coverage of the needs of various local charities / organizations.

In an announcement, the hotel publicly thanks KEPA. Agios Christoforos (Paralimni), the special school of Apostolos Barnabas (Liopetri) and the special school of Apostolos Pavlos (Liopetri) for their contribution to their work and it is considered certain that their cooperation will continue indefinitely.