Possible referendum on Scottish independence in 2018

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In the autumn of 2018, Scotland may hold a referendum on its independence a few months before the planned withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, Prime Minister Nicola Sterzon announced today, according to the BBC.

Sturgeon said the fall of 2018 would be a "reasonable" choice for the Scottish referendum as there would be a timetable for the EU exit agreement.

"In light of the time when the timetable for a UK agreement and exit from the EU will become clear, I think it would be a reasonable time for Scotland to have this opportunity, if that is the path we will take. "Sterzon, who heads the decentralized government, told the BBC. However, so far no decision has been made on a specific date, Sterzon added.

The prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence further complicates Theresa May's negotiating efforts with the other 27 EU member states on the terms of the "divorce".

From a constitutional point of view, a second referendum would have to be approved by the UK Government in London.

The results of the Brexit referendum on 23 June called into question the future of the United Kingdom because Britain and Wales voted in favor of leaving, but Scotland and Northern Ireland voted against.

Sterzon has repeatedly warned that the London government's plans for Brexit could force Scots to call a new referendum on the grounds that conditions have changed since 2014 when they voted 55% instead of 45% to stay in the UK.

Source: newsbeast.gr