The Commission approved a package of € 297.165 for the support of farmers in Cyprus

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A 7-point plan to support European farmers, accompanied by € 297.165 billion - of which around € XNUMX will be allocated to Cyprus - was approved by the Commission today.

The € 297.165 of Cyprus concern the support of milk producers and animal feeders. Payments will begin in October, with advances of 65%.

The program includes a pan-European incentive system to reduce milk production (€ 150.000.000), conditional adjustment aid to be defined and implemented at Member State level by a list of the Commission (€ 350.000.000), series technical measures to provide flexibility (eg on optional coupled support), to alleviate cash flows (eg by increasing the amount of advances for direct and area-based rural development payments) and a safety net through the extension of intervention and aid for private storage of milk powder.

Source: KYPE