The body of the 65-year-old from Liopetri was also found

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The body of 08-year-old Lambros Mastros from Liopetri was found around 30:65 in the morning in the sea area of ​​Agia Thekla, whose fate had been unknown since Sunday afternoon when he had gone fishing with his son Dimitris, 39, with a fishing rod. in the Chaos area of ​​Xylofagou, which is the territory of the British Bases of Dhekelia.

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The body of the 65-year-old has already been received by men of TAE Famagusta and has been identified.

The search for the 65-year-old had begun with the first light of day.

According to the Police of the British Bases of Dhekelia, the search for the 65-year-old was stopped around three yesterday at noon because due to the sea turbulence and the strong winds that were blowing in the area, it made it impossible for the divers to dive into the sea and look for missing Lambros Mastrou.

Yesterday shortly after ten in the morning, the body of 39-year-old Dimitris Dimitrios Mastros was found, a short distance from the place where he was fishing with his father. The 39-year-old was located by a diver of the Underwater Disaster Team, who together with members of EMAK and the Police of Dhekelia Bases had gone to the area and investigations began. Citizens from Liopetri and Xylofagou also assisted in the search for the two individuals.

The diver kept Dimitris' lifeless body in the stormy sea for more than 20 minutes since due to the rough seas and strong winds that blew in the area, it was not possible to approach the helicopter to attempt to lift the body. Finally, the inflatable boat of EMAK arrived at the spot and it was possible to transport the body to it and then to the mainland.

The body was transported to the Hospital of the British Bases in Dhekelia, where today the legal autopsy is expected to take place, which will show the exact causes of death of the 39-year-old. The autopsy will be performed around 12 noon by medical examiner Hara Spiliopoulou, who has been transferred to Cyprus from Greece.

A rod and their car as well as the 39-year-old's jacket were found near the place where the father and his son were fishing. Police speculate that Dimitris' father probably slipped and fell into the sea and he himself fell behind him to save him.

Dimitris is survived by his wife and two children aged 4 and 8.

Source: KYPE