Excavations at seven sites to find missing bones

Excavations of the CMP in progress to find the missing bones of `63-`64 and the Turkish invasion

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In seven areas, one in the free areas and six in the occupied areas, excavations of the CMP are underway to find the missing bones of `63-`64 and the Turkish invasion. So far no bones have been found in any of the excavations.

According to information gathered by KYPE from the office of the Greek Cypriot representative in the CMP, in the free areas the location is close to SOPAZ in Nicosia.

The occupied works are carried out in a military area near Kyrenia where a special permit was obtained, in 2 areas in Templos where 2 crews work, one in Livadia Karpasia, one in Assia and one in Mora. The first phase of the excavations was carried out in Templos in 2019 and very small bone fragments were found and identifications were made, but now the crews are looking for something more.

The excavation in the area of ​​Livadia Karpasia concerns the extension of a previous excavation and in Assia the crews are digging for the third time to locate the bones of two T / Cs that were lost in 1964.

In the other areas in the occupied territories, it is believed that E / K of the Turkish invasion are buried. Bones of a double-digit number of persons are sought in all areas.

The crew at SOPAZ, which numbers 4 people, is conducting excavations for a Turkish Cypriot who disappeared in `63-`64 and the information is that he was buried there. The information came from E / k. There has been some information since 2015, however additional research was done to be able to locate a witness.

The excavation at SOPAZ started in the summer and specifically on August 23, however due to the very high temperatures the works had stopped. The crew is expected to stay there for another one to two weeks.