Annita Dimitriou: The difficult times in Local Government begin from June 9 onwards

The hard times in local government (TA) start from June 9 onwards

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The difficult times in local government (TA) start from June 9 and after that we will have to carry out a difficult reform, said today the President of the Republic, Speaker of the Parliament Annita Dimitriou, indicating that both the executive must be alert authority, as well as legislative. Laws, as he noted, should never be static but constantly modified according to weaknesses and loopholes that appear "even more so when it comes to a reform that we have been discussing for 25 to 30 years and now for the first time it has been passed".

In her speech on Friday at the 2nd Cyprus Forum Cities "Towards a sustainable, green and smart city of the future" organized in Limassol by Oxygen for Democracy with the cooperation of the Municipality of Limassol and TEPAK, Annita Dimitriou pointed out that she will "have to so we are all in cooperation and vigilance so that we can really support the reform" and the people, as he added to choose on June 9, who they want to represent them.

Mrs. Dimitriou welcomed the holding of the 2nd Cyprus Forum Cities, stressing that we need to have these discussions "especially now that we have to transform in a few months after the election of the local government representatives a very important reform" which essentially , as he added, "changes how local government has operated until now, at least in the last few years."

Annita Dimitriou emphasized that "we should win this bet because we want to see that the services offered to the citizen work more simply, more practically, more effectively" something that, as she noted, the project certainly helps with of the representatives of the local government, mayors, community leaders etc.

The President of the Parliament emphasized that many discussions were held over the years, many challenges were faced and "we now have to face even more".

"We should win the bet precisely on the green transition, the choices given to people, the economic difficulties, all of this needs to be done through the upgrading of the role of local government" he pointed out, indicating that "this is also the purpose of the reform we have voted for and above all the cooperation so that we don't have cities, communities and municipalities of different speeds".

The President of the Republic explained that essentially the proposal for local government reform "is the clustering, cooperation of different communities and municipalities" so that we can, as she added, "cooperate in the services as well and that is how the citizens will benefit and that is what we must find the ways to do it".

He emphasized that everyone should realize that the difficult times begin on June 9 and after that we will have to carry out a difficult reform. "The executive power must be alert, the legislature the same because the laws must never be static but must be constantly modified according to the weaknesses and loopholes that appear, especially when it comes to a reform that we have been discussing for 25 to 30 years and now for the first time it was voted" he noted, explaining that "we must all be in cooperation and alert so that we can really support the reform and the people can choose who they want to represent them".

"We either belong to political parties or simply as citizens we have suggestions for those whom we consider most suitable. But the people are the ones who should be activated to vote in the upcoming European elections and local government elections" he added.

He also indicated that citizens should be active and have a view not to let the rest choose for them without them, but to know to be able to distinguish who are those who have really either produced work or can lead to transform into practice a difficult reform or to lead, to advance for what our country needs now.

Mrs. Dimitriou noted that the reality is that we are not living in easy political times. "We are all worried about what we see, so the only way and the only answer is diplomacy, it is cooperation, it is dialogue, it is Democracy itself," he said, stressing that "we need more Democracy" and that "we have had enough of words and from slogans and from negativity".

So, he continued, "through all that has been attempted we want to give a perspective, a positive perspective to the citizens".

Pointing out that this country, like the whole of humanity, has gone through many difficult times and always manages to get back on its feet, Mrs. Dimitriou said that it will do the same now, and that this is why correct political and diplomatic manipulations are needed and it is needed above all to prioritize we and not I.

"This is how we will proceed either to win the bet called local self-government, modernization of cities, practicality for citizens, simplification of services, or it is called peace, security and stability" he pointed out, underlining that "Cyprus will move on this path" and expressing the certainty that with everyone's cooperation we can give a positive perspective.

"Where some try to present negativity and obscurity, we respond with light and hope" noted the President of the Republic, President of the Parliament.

Finally, he congratulated the organizers, Oxygen for Democracy and the Municipality of Limassol as well as TEPAK which hosts such discussions, emphasizing with the opportunity and the presence of the Mayor of occupied Nicosia Mehmet Harmandzi that "united we can achieve more".

Source: KYPE