PtB reading in Azerbaijan for intention to cooperate with occupied "parliament".

The President of the Parliament will send a message to the Speaker of the Parliament of Azerbaijan and her European counterparts

Screenshot 3 5 Azerbaijan, ANNITA DIMITRIOU, Speaker of the Parliament

The Speaker of the Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, will send a message to the President of the Parliament of Azerbaijan and her European counterparts, due to Azerbaijan's intention for "inter-parliamentary" cooperation with the "parliament" of the occupied. He also invited the President of the Republic to convene the National Council.

In her statements after the Bank of Cyprus event "Young People Ask", the President of the Parliament stated that "we have information that Azerbaijan intends to do something like this. We have to stop it," noting that she has prepared a letter-press to her counterparts to condemn such an act. In addition, he said that he will send a message directly to the President of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, while he will also raise the issue at the meeting of the Presidents of the EU Parliaments that will take place in the next few days in Spain.

"Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Azerbaijan has made such a tactic or such an effort. We must again do everything in our power to stop it. It is unacceptable and reprehensible," he said.

He added that there are already sanctions on Azerbaijan from the Council of Europe "but again something like this cannot be totally condemned and we should not use any political, diplomatic means we have".

In addition, Mrs. Dimitriou said that she will meet at noon with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kobo, and this is one of the topics they will discuss to coordinate efforts.

“Unfortunately after 50 years, that's our biggest concern, lest some people in any way think that time can either solidify or justify such behavior. No matter how many years pass, we are not going to accept something like this. We will do everything in our power and that is why we propose that the only solution is the solution", he said, underlining that "we must and want to support every effort to restart the negotiations in the agreed framework of the Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality. There is no other way, otherwise we will have to deal with such and worse every year".

It is for this reason, he emphasized, that "we are once again calling the President of the Republic. The National Council should be convened, to see where we are, to be informed and to see how we shield the plan of the Republic of Cyprus with a strategy, how we want to proceed and support this effort with the personal envoy of the Secretary General, because we are concerned very much with what we see being published and the developments that we have to manage every day", he said.

Source: KYPE